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Trisula International is a successful, trusted and growing company specialising in garment manufacture and the management of popular and lucrative clothing brands, and operating to advanced global standards of corporate governance.

What We Do

Trisula International has two main activities:

  • Designing and manufacturing garments for a wide variety of corporate and retail markets, including uniforms, formal wear and leisure wear.
  • Managing popular and lucrative clothing brands, including our own in-house brands and famous international names.

Our Brands

Our success in producing and marketing garments led us to establish our own brands. In 1995 we set up a Retail division, created and launched the JOBB brand, and obtained the licence for the global leisurewear brand Jack Nicklaus and the rights to market those garments in Indonesia.

In 2011, Trisula International launched a new uniform clothing brand, UniAsia, targeting civil and corporate markets, and in early 2012 it launched men’s casual-wear brand, Man Club and 300 retail outlets in Indonesia. Now we are focusing on 2 brands; Jobb and Jack Nicklaus.

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Corporate Governance

Trisula International is a leader of corporate governance in Asia, employing some of the most advanced and transparent business practices, based on global standards.

This is thanks to a determined effort, led by our CEO and supported by the Board of Directors, to research, apply and implement world-class standards of governance to everything we do.


Trisula International is subject to three different types of strict auditing, all of which add layers of transparency to the business:

  1. Internal Audit – a function to make sure the standard operating procedures are being run properly.
  2. External Audit – this is done on an annual basis by a private company listed on the Jakarta Stock Exchange. Every six years the company changes its auditors as per government regulations.
  3. ISO Audit – these audits depend on the certification. For ISO 9001 the audit is done every 6 months; for ISO 14001 every 12 months.

Financial Transparency and Reporting

The company is required to publish a Financial Report twice a year on its website, one at the end of June and one at the end of December. The one at the end of December is also known as the Annual Report.

In addition to this reporting, Trisula International is also required to report to the stock exchange quarterly, in about the same amount of detail as the Financial Report and Annual Report. These reports do not have to be published on the website but they are still matters of public record and can be viewed through the website of the Jakarta Stock Exchange.

Corporate Responsibility and Compliance

Trisula has achieved the following accreditations to global standards:

  • SNI Certification (Indonesia National Standard, formulated in accordance with the World Trade Organisation’s Code of Good Practice).
  • ISO 9001:2000 (quality management system); Trisula was the first company in the Indonesian textile industry to carry the ISO9000 mark.
  • ISO 14001 (environmental management).

The company also continually refers to the Japan Industrial Standard (JIS) of quality for all raw and finished materials.

To get ISO certifications, the company proved it had the following in place:

  • good document management system (for quality and environment, standard operating procedures, work instructions, standard work, standard forms);
  • sound organisation structure, job descriptions and responsibilities;
  • proficient administration of working activities;
  • effective risk analysis and job analysis;
  • programmes for continuous improvement; and
  • other required certifications.

Board & Management Structure and Ownership Structure

As part of Trisula International’s strong governance and transparency, it makes public both its Board & Management Structure and its Ownership Structure.


Our Workplace Commitments

For Trisula International, profitability is only half the story. The other half is achieving success while applying the highest global standards of human rights, environmental stewardship and community support.

We have always adhered to the concept of ‘doing the right thing’ but in recent years we have invested time and money into formalising that concept to prove that we practise what we preach.

Our progressive Workplace Commitments are among the most advanced in Asia but we can always do better, so our drive for workplace excellence is on-going.

No Child Labour

Trisula does not engage any employees under the age of 18 and is firmly opposed to any form of child labour. Under our strict Buyers’ Compliance policy, there is no child labour or daily or commission-only wages. We pay fair monthly wages, just as any worker could expect in the US, UK or Australia.

Health & Safety Advances

Trisula International has significantly improved its health and safety regulations and facilities to ensure a safer, healthier and happier workforce. The result of these improvements is the Health & Safety Policy.

Code of Conduct

Trisula International abides by Trisula Corporation’s Code of Conduct for all employees, which is based on leading industry practice worldwide and on our Values. It requires them to work honestly, openly and with integrity.

Environmental Leadership

The company is using compressed natural gas instead of coal to supply broilers (steam machines), which is cleaner and more environmentally friendly.

Last August, Trisula International’s subsidiary PT Trisco Tailored Apparel Manufacturing was audited by TUV Nord and received the 14001 certification (environmental management). To achieve this, a company must prove its commitment to continuous environmental improvements.

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

Trisula International follows its parent Trisula Corporation’s progressive CSR Programme, which is based on leading industry practice worldwide and is assisting people and the environment. 

Investor Relations

Trisula International is a successful, trusted and growing company specialising in garment manufacture and the management of popular and lucrative clothing brands.

We celebrated our growth in 2012 by floating on the Jakarta Stock Exchange. Our Share Price has remained steady in a highly turbulent market since the launch as we have expanded our operations and improved our processes and systems.

As the company goes from strength to strength, we are maintaining our clear commitment to strong corporate governance. We have always adhered to the concept of ‘doing the right thing’ but in recent years we have invested time and money into formalising that concept to prove that we practice what we preach.

We have evolved into a leader in corporate governance in Asia but there are always improvements to be made so our corporate governance drive is on-going.

We welcome all existing and potential investors to review our Financial Reports, our Financial Analyst Statements and our Press Releases.

Financial Report

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What The Analysts Say

From Sinarmas Group – Sinarmas Sekuritas (August 2012)

stock data

Results Summary

Trisula booked a 1.2% growth in revenue mainly driven by retail division (+32% yoy) while garment division reported slightly negative growth (-2.5% yoy) due to slowdown of exports to European countries and the United States and real estate/property grew by 2.5%. The current ongoing crisis in the Eurozone and the United States has dented consumer confidence and retail spending prompting many designers/ retailers to reduce orders as they cope with declining sales revenue and to minimize inventory. However, TRIS, through TRIMAS (a subsidiary specialized in Japanese markets), managed to boost its exports sale to Japan by 45% with higher Average Selling price (ASP) thus lifting profitability for this division.

Press Release

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