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18 Oktober 2019, Keterbukaan Informasi

Penambahan Modal dengan Hak Memesan Efek Terlebih Dahulu (PMHMETD) I

4 Oktober 2019, Keterbukaan Informasi & 26 November 2019, Prospektus

30 Mei 2016, Keterbukaan Informasi

20 Juni 2014, Keterbukaan Informasi

19 Juni 2012, Prospektus

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Tingkatkan kinerja perusahaan, Trisula Group gelar ajang WOW Innovation Award 2021

11 Maret 2022,

2 November 2021,


Outstanding Shares

As of December 31, 2020, the number of the Company’s outstanding shares are 3.141.443.806 shares.

Stock Performance

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Dividend Policy

The Board of Directors proposes the amount of dividend payout based on the Company’s performance during the year, the Company’s growth trend, the level of return that will be attractive and is appropriate for the shareholders of the Company, as well as positive earnings of the Company.

In compliance with the Financial Services Authority and the Indonesia Stock Exchange regulations, the Company pays dividends to the entitled shareholders of the Company at the latest 30 (thirty) days after the Company declared the decision to pay dividend.