Message From the CEO

Indonesia’s middle class is continuing to grow, which is fuelling demand and consumption, and resulting in the expansion of shopping centres. This has given us at Trisula International opportunities and challenges, encouraging us to grow our garment and retail business.

We now employ more than 3,000 people and our five production facilities have a total production volume of approximately twelve million pieces per year.

With this growth come even more responsibilities: to our loyal customers here and overseas, to our family of employees, to our stakeholders and to our regulators. We are meeting these responsibilities through our advances in corporate governance and ethical business practices. Our commitment to this area means we now meet many global standards and we are becoming one of Asia’s most transparent and responsible businesses.

Supported by our parent company Trisula Corporation we have a strong belief in Trisula International’s future growth potential.

Santoso Widjojo


Who We Are

T Trisula International Tbk is a publicly listed company specialising in garment manufacture and the management of popular and lucrative clothing brands. The company floated on the Jakarta Stock Exchange in 2012 (TRIS). 

The company is part of Trisula Corporation, a well-established and diversified holding company with a wide range of financially successful businesses and an advanced system of corporate governance. Trisula International is one of Indonesia’s most respected businesses, with a strong track record as a leading regional company. It is now carefully pursuing a wide variety of growth opportunities.

Our Philosophy

“To create a better life for all”


Our Mission

“Profitable growth through customer satisfaction and strong leadership”


Our Values Explained





Trisula International’s Values are the principles and practices that all our employees adopt every day at work. Adopting these Values has helped to make Trisula what it is today.

Trisula International adopts the very same three Values that have helped its parent, Trisula Corporation, succeed. The Values of Quality, Care and Commitment combine to form the basic essence of Trisula’s character and spirit. This is the source of our energy, inspiration and creativity and the reason we are able to fulfil our Mission.



We believe in achieving the highest quality in everything we do by combining the skills of the heart and the mind. We always ask: how can this be improved? This dedication to excellence means all our products and services are of the highest quality. Reflecting and implementing commitment and care in all our thoughts, words and deeds gives birth to enthusiasm, passion and commitment to deliver the highest quality possible.


We apply a world-class standard of care to everything we do. This includes how we manufacture a garment, how we manage renowned fashion brands, and also how we treat our employees, customers and stakeholders, and how we abide by global standards of corporate governance.


We all pledge a commitment to our company, a promise to work hard and strive for the very best results every day. This commitment has built strong family bonds between our teams of employees, helping Trisula International to enhance its position as an industry leader. Without deep and clear commitment to ourselves, our careers, our work and our business partners and colleagues, we cannot fully achieve our Philosophy

Our History

Our History

  • 1968

    The original Trisula company, Trisula Textile Industries, had humble beginnings in Indonesia in 1968. Local entrepreneur Tirta Suherlan established a textile company in Bandung, near Jakarta, with only a few weaving looms.

    He adopted cutting-edge textile manufacturing technology from Japan to maximise quality, and his focus on care and commitment inspired employees to give their best. His strict adherence to quality has been the key success factor for all Trisula companies ever since.

  • 1989

    In 1989, the company expanded its business to the garment industry and manufactured branded garments and distributed the products in Japan, USA, Europe, Australia, Malaysia, Singapore, and other countries, in addition to the large and growing domestic market of Indonesia.

  • 1996

    In 1996 full-scale overseas operations began in Singapore, Malaysia, Australia, Hong Kong and South Africa.

  • 1998

    In 1998 Trisula Corporation established a Corporate Garments (uniform) division and began producing uniforms for banks, airlines, hotels, resorts and the public sector.

  • 2004

    In 2004 the division became a retail company under the name of PT. Transindo Global Fashion (TGF).

  • 2011

    • Relaunched in-house brand Man Club
    • PT. TGF formally became known as PT. Trisula International Tbk.
    • Acquired PT. Trisula Garmindo Manufacturing
    • Acquired PT. Trimas Sarana Garment Industry

  • 2012

    • Listed on Jakarta Stock Exchange
    • Acquired PT. Trisco Tailored Apparel Manufacturing
    • Established a Joint Venture with G2000 Hong Kong

  • 2013

    Appointed as Retail Operator for BONDS, an Australian based clothing company.

  • 2014

    • Acquired MIDO Uniform Pte Ltd
    • Appointed as retail operator for Hallmark (USA) – Bath & Bed Linen category

  • 2015

    • PT Trisco Tailored Apparel Manufacturing successfully won a uniform tender for America Airlines.
    • Mido Uniforms Pte Ltd successfully won a uniform tender for Silk Air and St. Regis Macao.
    • The Company established PT Trisula Orientex Perdana.

  • 2016

    • The Company acquired shares of PT Nissiel Garment Manufacturer.
    • Merger of PT Trisco Tailored Apparel Manufacturing and PT Nissiel Garment Manufacturer.
    • Share divestment from PT Trisula Garmindo Manufacturing to PT Trisco Tailored Apparel Manufacturing.

  • 2017

    • Trisco Tailored and Woven International Ltd started its operation in USA.

  • 2018

    • Celebration of the 50th anniversary of the establishment of Trisula Group.

  • 2019

    • The Company conducted a Public Offering for Capital Additions by Granting Pre-Emptive Right I (PMHMETD I).
    • The Company acquires shares of PT Trisula Textile Industries Tbk; and
    • The Company transfered its retail trading business unit the brand of JOBB and Jack Nicklaus to an affiliated company, PT Mido Indonesia
  • 2020

    The company through its subsidiaries produces and markets non-medical masks and Hazmat PPE to support government programs in dealing with the Covid-19 pandemic.


Our People

At its heart, Trisula is a family business and we have always held strong family beliefs. These beliefs are as important today as they were when Tirta Suherlan began Trisula in 1968 and they have become the core of our corporate Values.

Trisula International employs more than 5,000 employees, all of whom enjoy some of the fairest and most rewarding working conditions in Indonesia – conditions regulated by international standards. The care shown by Trisula to its employees over the decades has helped to create a loyal and dedicated workforce that delivers excellent results.

In recent years Trisula International’s parent, Trisula Corporation, has been formalising its working conditions by significantly enhancing its Corporate Governance policies, in close alignment with global leading practices.

We are now one of the leaders in corporate governance in Asia but we are still looking for ways to improve. One way we are doing this is by investing in Human Capital Development, which nurtures our employees, helps them to learn new skills and grow professionally and personally, and be all that they can be.