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Message from CEO

With more than 50 years of experience, PT Trisula International Tbk. strives to be a reliable integrated apparel provider which exhibits resilience towards the global economic situation, collaboration through strengthened synergies with our subsidiaries, and innovation corresponding to the technological and market demand developments.

Who We Are

PT Trisula International Tbk is a publicly listed holding investment company specializing in garment manufacture and the management of popular and lucrative clothing brands. The company floated on the Jakarta Stock Exchange in 2012 (TRIS).


Our Values Explained

Trisula International’s Values are the principles and practices that all our employees adopt every day at work. Adopting these Values has helped to make Trisula what it is today.


PT Trisco Tailored Apparel Manufacturing, which was established on August 16, 2000 and is located in Bandung, West Java, specializes in garment manufacturing, especially for products such as men’s / ladies jackets, ladies bottom (skirt, pants), casual (vest, casual jacket), men’s trousers, corporate uniform, and functional clothing.


PT Trimas Sarana Garment Industry was established on July 17, 1991 and was the first garment company that was created within Trisula Corporation. It specializes in lower garment products and golf sportswear that are sold nationally as well as internationally to countries such as Japan.

PT Trisula Textile Industries Tbk, which was the pioneer of Trisula Corporation, is one of Indonesia’s well respected textile manufacturing company which aims to provide high quality fabric for both fashion and uniform. Through its subsidiaries, the company also provides corporate uniform and manages popular clothing brands.

Mido Uniforms is an established manufacturer of apparels, fashion accessories and other textile-related items. Its design team works together to propose designs tailored to fit our clients’ requirements. Having worked with prestigious organizations for over 20 years, it has amassed great experience with providing professional and high quality uniform services.


Commitment of GCG Implementation

GCG Structure

General Meeting of Shareholders

The implementation of good corporate governance (GCG) becomes one of the unifying power that supports all operational and financial activities of the Company. GCG practice also set the path and directions that must be followed so the Company stays on the right path. By implementing directed and proper GCG practice, then the Company is able to create healthy and sustainable growth in business.


The Company’s GCG structure consists of the General Meeting of Shareholders (GMS), the Board of Commissioners, the Board of Directors, and other supporting organs.






General Meeting of Shareholders (GMS) is an Organ of the Company that has authority that is not given to the Board of Directors or Board of Commissioners as stipulated by the Limited Liability Laws and/or the Company’s Articles of Association. Through the GMS, the Shareholders may exercise their rights to express their opinions and obtain information related to the Company.

Matters related to the implementation of the Company’s GMS can be seen here.

Trisula International is a leader of corporate governance in Asia, employing some of the most advanced and transparent business practices, based on global standards.

This is thanks to a determined effort, led by our CEO and supported by the Board of Directors, to research, apply and implement world-class standards of governance to everything we do.

Trisula International is subject to three different types of strict auditing, all of which add layers of transparency to the business:

  1. Internal Audit – a function to make sure the standard operating procedures are being run properly.
  2. External Audit – this is done on an annual basis by a private company listed on the Jakarta Stock Exchange. Every six years the company changes its auditors as per government regulations.
  3. ISO Audit – these audits depend on the certification. For ISO 9001 the audit is done every 6 months; for ISO 14001 every 12 months.

The company is required to publish a Financial Report twice a year on its website, one at the end of June and one at the end of December. The one at the end of December is also known as the Annual Report.

In addition to this reporting, Trisula International is also required to report to the stock exchange quarterly, in about the same amount of detail as the Financial Report and Annual Report. These reports do not have to be published on the website but they are still matters of public record and can be viewed through the website of the Jakarta Stock Exchange.

Trisula has achieved the following accreditations to global standards:

  • SNI Certification (Indonesia National Standard, formulated in accordance with the World Trade Organisation’s Code of Good Practice).
  • ISO 9001:2000 (quality management system); Trisula was the first company in the Indonesian textile industry to carry the ISO9000 mark.
  • ISO 14001 (environmental management).

The company also continually refers to the Japan Industrial Standard (JIS) of quality for all raw and finished materials.

To get ISO certifications, the company proved it had the following in place:

  • good document management system (for quality and environment, standard operating procedures, work instructions, standard work, standard forms);
  • sound organisation structure, job descriptions and responsibilities;
  • proficient administration of working activities;
  • effective risk analysis and job analysis;
  • programmes for continuous improvement; and
  • other required certifications.


For Trisula International, profitability is only half the story. The other half is achieving success while applying the highest global standards of human rights, environmental stewardship and community support.

We have always adhered to the concept of ‘doing the right thing’ but in recent years we have invested time and money into formalising that concept to prove that we practise what we preach.

Our progressive Workplace Commitments are among the most advanced in Asia but we can always do better, so our drive for workplace excellence is on-going.

Trisula does not engage any employees under the age of 18 and is firmly opposed to any form of child labour. Under our strict Buyers’ Compliance policy, there is no child labour or daily or commission-only wages. We pay fair monthly wages, just as any worker could expect in the US, UK or Australia.

Trisula International has significantly improved its health and safety regulations and facilities to ensure a safer, healthier and happier workforce. The result of these improvements is the Health & Safety Policy.

Trisula International abides by Trisula Corporation’s Code of Conduct for all employees, which is based on leading industry practice worldwide and on our Values. It requires them to work honestly, openly and with integrity.


Trisula International is a successful, trusted and growing company specializing in textile and garment manufacture, corporate uniform provision, and management of popular clothing brands. The company floated on the Jakarta Stock Exchange in 2012 under the ticker code TRIS. 

As the company goes from strength to strength, we are maintaining our clear commitment to strong corporate governance. We have always adhered to the concept of ‘doing the right thing’ but in recent years we have invested time and money into formalizing that concept to prove that we practice what we preach.

We have evolved into a leader in corporate governance in Asia but there are always improvements to be made so our corporate governance drive is on-going.

We welcome all existing and potential investors to review our Financial Highlights, our Financial Reports, and our Press Releases.


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corporate social responsibility

Trisula International fully realizes that the environment and community become an integral part that is interconnected with the company. The company always conducts corporate social responsibility activities which are in line with sustainable GCG principles as the manifestation of the Corporate Culture.

Trisula is committed to always ensuring its business activities has positive impacts on the environment to drive the achievement of sustainable development goals. Any forms of Trisula’s operational activities kept to be pursued by incorporating eco-friendly principles in accordance with the applicable laws and regulations and other provisions or best practices related to the environment conservation.

The implementation of occupational health and safety (OSH) aspects constitutes the Company’s commitment as a whole in managing the business. Such matter is based on Government Regulation No. 50 of 2012 on the Implementation
of Occupational Health and Safety Management System for all employees in the Company’s factories.

Trisula realized that the prosper community will indirectly affect the business continuity. Therefore, the Company implements community empowerment, especially in the Company’s surrounding areas of activities, through activities which have impact on the quality improvement of social life, education, health, religion, and social welfare.

Trisula International prides itself on having a motivated and loyal family of employees. Our people are at the heart of our success.

We are always looking for new talent to join our teams and help us to move forward and improve.

Please carefully review the details of our corporation on this website and if you feel you can make a contribution, contact us on the below email address: