American Airlines New Uniform

In 2015, PT. Trisco Tailored Apparel Manufacturing (Trisco), one of our garment companies was awarded for the American Airlines new uniforms program in collaboration with a Uniform Specialist company in the UK.

Trisco work hand in hand with its customer for this project, giving all the humanly impossible supports on samples, trims, and even inputs on the construction of the garments to match the design. Trisco did the fitting test together with the customer in the US before presenting the products to AA, and this includes having key person from its Design Development and also Top Management doing over 12 trips to the US and UK to make sure that we are there to support our partner – customer for this project.

Trisco were awarded this program for the Initial Bulk, and the repeat (Fill In) in the beginning of 2015 for end 2015 to beginning 2016 delivery.