csr for social and community development

The Company realized that the prosper community will indirectly affect the business continuity. Therefore, the Company implements community empowerment, especially in the Company’s surrounding areas of activities, through activities which have impact on the quality improvement of social life, education, health, religion, and social welfare.

To carry out its responsibilities for community social development, the Company consistently conduct CSR activities as an effort to conduct empowerment and development to the local community. Some of the efforts made are described as follows.
1. Utilization of Local Workers
The Company and its Subsidiaries provide opportunity to the local community to work in the company. The local community is the community around the operational areas, such as Kabupaten Bandung and Cimahi.
2. Local Community Empowerment
The Company through its Subsidiaries empowered the surrounding community, through education and community development. Empowerment of the surrounding community is carried out in the form of developing student competencies, anti-drug education, technical internships, and skills training such as sewing.
3. Other Types of Donation
The Company provides assistance in the form of various social community development activities. In addition, the Company also made donations to Raudhatul Jannah Foundation, Bandung Japanese School, Assadiyah Foundation, Kaum Foundation, ANT Charity Indonesia Foundation, and Wahana Visi Foundation.
4. Anti-Corruption Communication
The provisions of anti-corruption are contained in the Code of Conduct and Business Ethics. Such provisions are always communicated to all levels of management and employees to avoid the related conflict of interest.