In 2012, the Company successfully listed its shares for the first time in the Indonesia Stock Exchange. This corporate action was followed by the implementation of a public offering with a pre-emptive right (PMHMETD I) in 2019. This strengthened the Company’s capital structure and amount so they were more adequate for developing products and expanding the business further.

By embracing its philosophy “to Create a Better Life for All” and “quality, care, and commitment” values, the Company continuously diversifies business to meet the international and domestic market needs. To date, the Company operates 4 garment production facilities and 1 textile production facility with a total production volume of around 4 million garment units and 8 million textile yards per year.

Our Vission

“Being a competitive company in the textile and garment
industry, as well as retail by being fully committed to providing
quality products, and to create a better life for all.”

Our Mission

“Profitable growth through customer satisfaction and strong

Our Philosophy

To Create a Better Life for All
This Philosophy shows the Company’s objective to improve quality for providing with more benefits to everyone in the Company, Shareholders and stakeholders, especially to consumers. The Company continuously upholds its commitment to serve consumers by taking into account the fulfillment of the rights of employees and their families.